DYNAMIKI SA is a new beverages wholesale trade company founded on May 2013.

Alongside this basic activity, DYNAMIKI imports, distributes and exclusively represents in the Greek Market, a specialized portfolio of Greek and Foreign brands.


DYNAMIKI SA has started operating on May 2013 and as is oriented towards an impeccable customers service , it has 14 qualified professional for the fulfilment of their needs.

Despite the fact that all DINAMIKI’s employees are recognized professionals in the Greek Market, they never stop to participate in Seminars and educational programs in order to be always up to date regarding market innovations and competition.

DINAMIKI SA is equipped with the biggest (850 sq.m.) wine conservation space in Greece, while qualified personnel offers advises for the coverage of all vinous needs.


The central office of DYNAMIKI is accommodated in a new 7.000 sq.m. space, strategically situated near the junction of National and Attica Road. This fact facilitates the direct access of the fleet to the whole prefecture of Attica.


DYNAMIKI SA is the only beverages wholesale company in Greece that is equipped with a wine conservation space (850 sq.m.) in its warehouse.


Dynamiki’s fleet consists of 12 trucks, 9 drivers, 9 drivers’ assistants and 13 warehouse’s assistants. In high season periods, for covering the increased demand, public motor vehicles are added to the distribution network.