Κτήμα Ιδαία

IDAIA WINERY, is a family based business consisting of the oenologists, Vasilis Laderos and Kalliopi Volitaki, that have the expertise and the passion to create unique and special wines.

The winery quarters all the necessary contemporary equipment for the production of high quality wines, always in the context of safety, hygiene and environmental protection.

Wines with strong personality and  dynamic aromatic character, in accordance with the Cretan culture and history.

The vineyards are situated at a 500m elevation above sea level.

The relief nature of the area and the rich calcareous,  clayey soils of the vineyards in combination with the exceptional microclimate forged by the Aegean summer breeze, compose ideal conditions for  viticulture and the creation of fine quality wines.

The philosophy of IDAIA WINERY is the enhancement of local varieties and their combination with European varieties.

1.2018 idaia gi_Vilana


White Dry Cretan Wine PGI

Variety: Vilana 100% Vol 13,0%

Description: Yellow straw color with fine and fragrant aromatic notes of lemon, pear, flowers, jasmine and tropical fruit .Complex , tasteful and delicate flavor with a long cool aftertaste



White Dry Cretan Wine PGI

Variety: Vidiano 100% Vol 13,0%

Description: Glowing yellow color green hues with notes of apricot, peach, citrus aroma and flowers. Particular acidity, rich and charming mouth with impressive aromatic aftertaste

3.OCEAN_new White_new_n


White dry Cretan Wine PGI

Variety: Thrapsathiri 100% Vol 12,5%

Description: Vivid yellow – green color, with balance flavor of discreet fruity aromas. Rich and charming mouth, well balanced with pleasantly crisp flavor.

4.2018 idaia gi_Hepseris

HESPERIS- Vidiano Barrel

White Dry Cretan Wine PGI

Variety: Vidiano 100% Vol 13,0%

Ageing: 4 months in oak barrels

Description: Light golden color, impressive aromatic combination of citrus, vanilla, hints of oak and orange blossom. Crisp acidity with rich spicy aftertaste

5.2018 idaia gi_Granache


Rose Dry Cretan Wine PGI

Variety: Grenache Rouge 50%

Liatiko: 50% Vol 13,0%

Description: Glowing rose color, full of freshness with strawberry, cherry and sour cherry flavors, balance acidity with creamy notes of butter and pleasant fruity aftertaste

6.2018 idaia gi_Kotsifali


Red Dry Cretan Wine PGI

Variety: Kotsifali 60%

Mandilaria: 40% Vol 13,0%

Ageing: 8 Months in oak barrels

Description: Dark red color, rich taste of vanilla, prune, caramel and notes of chocolate. The aftertaste is long and leaves a fruity sensation



Red Dry Cretan Wine PGI

Variety: Mandilaria 70% – Syrah 30% Vol 13,5%

Ageing: 1 year in oak barrels

Description: Deep red velvetly colour, with a unique aroma and taste combination of blueberries and spices. A rich palate of forest fruit aromas blended with vanilla notes of the barrel endow a long aftertaste

8.2018 idaia gi_Liatiko_Dry


Red Dry Cretan Wine PGI

Variety: Liatiko 100% Vol 15%

Ageing: 1 year in oak barrels

Description: Glowing ruby color, light body, balanced acidity, mellow tannins and elegant aromas of red fruits and spices blended with oaky vanilla


LIATIKO – Cretan Natural Sweet Wine

Protected Designation of Origin Dafnés (PDO)

Variety: Liatiko 100% Vol 12,5%

Ageing: 3 years in oak barrels

Description: Dark caramel color, chocolate, coffee, dried fig and raisin aroma, with acidity and sweetness in harmony. Impressive long aftertaste